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Emails are still among the best electronic tools to get the message out. Actually, there are about 3.9 billion daily email users and what is more staggering is that 90% of them open up their emails everyday. 22% of emails which are sent daily are opened on average.

That is quite a spread. Why wouldn’t anyone what to tap into an email marketing strategy for your personal or business online presence.

Email marketing increases brand awareness for persons who may not know you exist, or if you have subscribers, it reminds them of what you can offer, returning again and again.

How do you make money?

If you have a website or if you have set up a landing page and you want to funnel traffic to it, then sending emails to various persons in their inbox all at once can help you market a product to persons within seconds; you can showcase what’s it all about and what’s the price, making you money if they choose to purchase.

Why should you use email marketing?

There are many advantages to using it Email Marketing.

  1. You will get results quickly as it goes to where the targeted customer goes frequently; in their inbox.

  2. It feels more personable to the customer as it can be directed with the customer’s personal name, increasing engagement and the likelihood of having the email open by 26%.

  3. You can target your subscribers actions on your website if they have visited the shopping cart and perhaps have not purchased and you want to send a reminder, you can do so, or if they have purchased an item and you would like to offer a complimentary item to purchase, you can do so also.

  4. It provides one of the biggest bang for your buck in regards to Return on Investment (ROI). For every 1 dollar spent on an email marketing campaign, you can make $44 in profit.

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