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Social Media



Social Media is the use of online services which allow users to share content to users all around the world, from the comfort of their seats in a matter of minutes. Imagine that – sending your precious memories such as photos and videos to many people within your local area or as far as continents across the seas on websites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

Now, put the power of this in the hands of a marketing specialist called a Social Media Management Agent - someone dedicated to creating, publishing and monitoring the information which help improve your brand and image and can help you make money.

75% of companies that marketed their products on social media reported an increase in sales within 12 months.

How do you make money?

3.5 billion people use social media every day. That’s almost half the world! Imagine getting your name or your business marketed to that large of an audience every day.

Through social media platforms you can post for free your business or personal details such as your name, email, location, website and telephone contact and you can have people contacting you in no time willing to use your service, earning you money!

Why use a social media agent?

If it’s free, you’re probably wondering, why use a social media agent? Why use an expert? Here are our top five (5) reasons:

  1. An expert saves you time! Time which you can focus on your business or on what you do.

  2. An expert knows how to convert followers to dollars by creating a marketing plan that produces results.

  3. An expert keeps up with the changing rules of engagement and social media trends for all the platforms, adapting to change in real time.

  4. An expert knows where to find quality content to post and engage customers.

  5. An expert knows what tools to use to track the progress of your social media presence.

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