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Are you looking to cash in by earning money from being online? Want to increase the chances of others seeing what you can do? If they use Google, Bing or Yahoo to search for you, do you like what they will see?  Are you in the search results at all?

If you are a mechanic, a hairstylist, photographer or any other career job or profession, Agency Media will try to ensure that the best of you is shown on the web and that you come up quickly on search results as one of the first result options, if not “the” first



That’s what we do when we talk about SEO – Search Engine Optimization.

How do you make money?

When your name or a service you offer comes up on the search engine results page and someone clicks it, the more chance they get to see who you are and make a purchase.

If you run an ecommerce site, and you are offering a product for a price.  If they like it, they may purchase it, making you money!

If you have your contact details like your address or telephone number, customers can call you or visit your location and they may purchase your service or product, making you money!

How does SEO work?

Does search engines like Goggle, Bing or Yahoo simply select a webpage out of thin air? No way!


Search engines uses a complex process called an algorithm, using a series of math calculations to bring up the results from more than millions of webpages it has indexed or filed.

The goal is to deliver you, the viewer, what you want in the quickest time possible. Hopefully, if they do this consistently, you will return again and again.



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